Twins Parker and Owen, Fresh 48


Twins Parker and Owen, Fresh 48 <3 <3
Mama was really hoping for a twin vaginal delivery, and both boys were head down for *weeks*... but one came vaginally, and the other via cesarean. One blonde- haired, one brown. They couldn't have been more different from the start.
That image of sister loving on her baby brothers.. Oooooooh <3

Jack, 16 days

Baby Jack was dedicated today, and my ears must have been ringing, because I was just looking over his newborn session earlier <3 Happy Dedication Day, sweet boy!

Jack, 16 days <3

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2017 Year In Review (Birth)

It's Year In Review Time! 
(we don't *think* we have any more babies coming in 2017 😉 )

Time to count our BLESSINGS ❤️ Thank you to each family that has invited Hello Baby Birth Photography into your birth space; we are so grateful! God Bless these little ones and watch over them.

2017 by the Numbers:
- 73 Births
- 76 Babies, including
- 3 set of Twins
- 1 baby born en caul (in the sac)
- More coffee refills than we can count (we should be Starbucks shareholders by now)
- Hospitals visited this year: Shelby, EAMC, Flowers, Baptist East & Baptist South, Gwinnett Medical Center, Jackson, Grandview, Midtown Medical, and Martin Army Community Hospital

Can you spot *your* baby? 😍

EDIT: We were not able to tag everyone; facebook only allows 50 tags!

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Virgina, One Year

Sweet rainbow baby Virginia is ONE! This precious girl spent 52 days in the NICU before coming home. She is the happiest, sweetest, most loved baby. Thank you Jesus for this blessing!